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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 26, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> "game of thrones." >> of course. anything else? >> tucker wants "dukes of hazard." >> thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts as always and for being part of the real story today. >> gretchen, maybe this is it. maybe. they're calling it the best lead yet. a potential make breakthrough in the search for the missing malaysian airline. a satellite now said to have spotted not one, but more than 100 pieces of debris they say could be part of this jet. could this just be another in a string of false leads? it could. we'll give you all the details, plus, another scandal at the secret service. several agents suspended and sent home from president obama's trip to europe. go home now. wait until you hear why. let's get to it. and good wednesday afternoon to you and yours. first from the desk, researchers
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say they have found the first field of debris that looks to them like what you'd expect from a plane crash. but so far, teams have not been able to confirm it's the malaysian airlines jet missing now for 19 long days. we'll show you where that debris turned up more than 100 different objects and here's the area in the debris field. remember, we've been talking about an area south and west of perth, australia. 1550 miles was the first number we gave you. that was a week ago. this is 1600 miles out right in the area officials say the jet went down. this happened on french satellite. they tell us they spotted debris on sunday. it's wednesday. unlike earlier findings, more than 100 pieces. 122 pieces, they tell us, scattered about. some they say are shiny, which leads them to believe it's metal wouldn't be floating for too long.
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officials at malaysia airlines showed the families the findings, those passengers in beijing, a lot of them weren't buying it at all. and officials still can't explain why the jet would have been over the indian ocean in the first place. thousands and thousands of miles from its original route. angry relatives grilled officials for answers. one man said he wanted to pummel every person on the panel and judging from one official, the government there is getting fed up with the family's frustration. >> understand that we in ma lay sha also lost our loved ones. there are so many other nations that lost loved ones. i've seen some images coming from australia. very rational. >> in other words, calm down. all of you, and act more like the -- meantime, the head of the fbi says investigators are almost finished looking through
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software on one of the pilot's flight simulators. friends say the captain was an aviation fanatic who built the simulator at his home. officials say that wasn't strange at all, but one of his long time friends is telling a different story. he tells new zealand herald newspaper that the pilot was having trouble at home, that he was devastated after his wife moved out of their house. he said his friend might have taken a quote last joyride. that's what he said. so that he could live out the risky moves that he practiced on his sim later. the friends said he's one of the pilots around. i'm not medical expert but, with all that was happening in his life, he was probably in no state of mind to be flying. the director of the fbi said we should know exactly what was on that flight simulator within the next few days. they know already. how could they not? let's get to jennifer griffin, she is live on capitol hill this
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afternoon. what can you tell us about what that investigator was saying? >> chuck hagel had this to say when he was asked if the results of the u.s. investigation ruled out terrorism. >> on the terrorism question, i don't think at this point, we can rule anything in or out. >> sources close to the investigation tell us the deleted files on captain shah's simulator, which have been analyzed for the past week at the fbi's quantico laboratory, may be revealing. malaysian authorities did not search his apartment for days and now, friends tell reporters as you mentioned, the pilot had trouble with a girlfriend and his wife had just moved out of their apartment. here's fbi director. >> i've got teams working around the clock to try and exploit that. i don't want to say more about that in an open setting, but i expect it to be done shortly. within a day or two, to finish that work. >> the fbi director says he is being briefed every morning on
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the case. >> a wife and a girlfriend. that's troublesome. where does the search go from here? >> the biggest leads so far are the new french satellites. 100 different objects in what may be a debris field. the us navy's commander said the -- will fly again in a few hours. >> it was really good today. we're expecting it to be good again tomorrow in air. now, on the water, it's a different story. much choppier seas. >> it should not halt the air surveillance. >> janet steen said yesterday, had category 4 hurricane winds yesterday. a former airline captain, 122 pieces they found out there. >> i like to think of them being objects and that would signify perhaps the break up of the
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aircraft and so, that brightness you were speaking about, perhaps a section of the fuselage painted white. the red symbol on it, the wings, they're gray color, so they might blend with the water, but if that fuselage cracked in half, there's going to be a lot of objects coming out. that's reassuring that this could be an aircraft crash site. >> day 19. just want to put some facts together. day 19, we learned that the pilot who had the flight simulator in his basement or whatever, his wife had moved out, he was having trouble with a girlfriend. we have a friend of his saying he may have lived out one of his last joyrides. this is a friend of his. we know that the jet went to 45,000 feet in the early going. we learned that on day five. we do know at that altitude, if you stay there long, a pilot could keep the oxygen on, then everybody else would die. >> at 45,000 feet is questionable -- >> it's all questionable.
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>> yes, but it also implies that the aircraft was depressurized. at 45,000 feet, would have been 2,000 feet over its maximum altitude. >> that's not right, is it? 451. >> he went to 45. but the maximum altitude is 43,000 feet. he pitched up to that angle, i can tell you that was uncontrolled on way down and possibly could have blanked out the engines. i question the business up there. why? why would you be doing -- i could depressurize at 30,000 feet easily. just open up the two manual valves and that's it. why do i have to go up there and do something like that? >> that never made sense, but it's what they told us. the fact these items are all in the area, whatever they are, the fact they're shiny and that we know not a range, but we know
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the direction they're in. soupds like whatever this is, they should be able to find. >> you've got latitude and longitude on those, so you've got an area. now, you've narrowed down what you called one time, the postage in central park, which was a great idea of how large this area is, so you've got a latitude longitude and an area to direct your aircraft, your ships. but more importantly, there's one that hasn't been spoken about and that's a submarine. now, a tactical submarine, great britain, united states, the chinese, french, they have a capability beyond anything else because they can hear those pings coming out from a greater distance. they have not only direction finding, but range finding. that could be important. >> that would be a big help. thanks a lot. we're going to watch this throughout the hour. new information as we get it. thank you. first though, a fox urgent coming in and we've known this is brewing. house republicans could release a report from congressional
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investigators on the boston marathon bombings. fox news now confirmses how the accused bomber went through terrorist training before the attack had happened. republicans in charge of the house homeland security committee produced a timeline to tsarnaev's trips to russia and some early warning signs that were overlooked. the first came from the russian intelligence agency in 2011. we're told the timeline will include brand new information which has not been made public until today. the top democrat tells fox he has not seen a report created by the republicans, nor was he involved in the process or briefed on its content. also, a source tells fox news that democrats have not yet signed off on this report. the reason is federal investigations into this attack are still ongoing. does this mean there's a partisan divide? our man on capitol hill says it looks like they're waiting for
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more information. any rate, we anticipated a release a few minutes ago, but it may be very revealing and we'll bring it to you live. first though, search teams are spending yet another day looking for survivors after the deadly mudslide in washington state and the flood danger is not over. up next, we'll speak live with a woman who says four of her relatives all seen here have not answered the phone since that fateful morning. ♪ ♪ ♪
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rescuers say they've discovered ten more bodies after the mudslide. they say this brings the total number of people likely dead to at least 24. but the awf more than 175 are still missing four days on. we're actually in day five of this search for survivors now and as you might imagine, the chances of finding them are are looking more and more grim, but crews continue to comb through the debris with bulldozers and search dogs. the national weather service has extended a nood warning for the same area until tonight as emergency teams warn that the wet weather could trigger more mudslides. let's go to the wall now, some before and after images, which really tell the story. these two ar rohrers, the yellow dots around show what came down.
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that left arrow corresponds to right here. this is, here it is. this is the spot right here. so, all of this mud came off that hill and see these houses down below, see this street right here? that's where we're talking about all these homes were. 175 still missing. the huge landslide gave way on saturday. wiped out that entire community. our next guest says four of her family members are still mi missing. both her parents, her daughter, her daughter's fiance. a nicole webb joins us from arlington washington. god bless you. thank you. >> thank you. >> nicole, it's my understanding you were sitting at home in houston with a bunch of family members in washington. you saw this alert come up, then you heard the name of the street. >> well, i was actually working in houston with facebook friend messaged me about it because she knew i had grown up in the area. since i was working, i didn't really look very closely at the
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article she had sent and when i got done with that class, about 5:00 central time, i looked and saw it was the street my folks lived on and i was really concerned because my three oldest children are very, very close to my parents and spent a lot of time during the weekends with them. and so, i immediately texted everybody to text me back and tell me they were safe and my two boys did and my daughter didn't. and her fiance didn't, so then i started calling family and letting them know the extent because i did a huge search on the internet about any kind of information about what was going on up there. and the family here hadn't even you know, heard about it. because it was saturday and they were doing their things, right? so, i think i was the one who informed everybody up here that we had something really catastrophic going on in the family and my ex-husband and two sons went up to arlington to try
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to get to the oso fire station saturday night and were turned around back to the red cross shelter at post middle school. >> when phone calls went to voice mail and you talked to authorities, i know that there's still some hope there and i wonder, where you are in how you've come to this place mentally and otherwise? >> there's still some hope here, is that what you think? >> that's what they're leading us to believe. i don't understand it. my producers tell us you've made some decisions. >> for my part, having been here and you know, just seeing the mess where my parents and daughter were located and the extent of the devastation we've been shown with flyovers and what not, i am at the point where i don't even know if they'll recover bodies. to me, just looking at it. that's my own personal view. not the view of everyone in my
12:17 pm
family. i have family members that are really struggling with coming to that conclusion, but from my looking at what's going on down there, i would think it would be as likely to find them alive as aliens landing tomorrow. >> wow, you seem mighty strong lady. how are you getting through this? >> you know, i have an amazing community of quilters and family members. my dad has 52 first cousins. and our community is an amazing place. if you have to have a natural disaster, that's the place to do it because they come together and help each other. they're just amazing. and can i just say i'm so, so praying for the first responders from my hometown who are all volunteers. they don't have the psychological training to deal with what they were coming upon. and i just pray for them and i'm so grateful.
12:18 pm
they knew my folks. >> i understand you sit home and quilt and that this quilting community is a big part of your life and you're working on a website to try to help people as well. >> yeah, absolutely. i am famous quilter quilting is how i make my living. i am well connected with other famous quilters who immediately heard the word that i was headed up to seattle, started a campaign on go fund me to help me cover the costs of burying my family and the outpouring of support from them has been so tremendous that i am raising enough money now to help other people bury their dead and take care of their homes that were lost and all the people of my town are affected because of the mudslide washing out the road. it's increased the cost for people to go to work by double and it's not an affluent community, so i'm doing
12:19 pm
everything i can to help everyone who was affected by the slide, in memory of my dad, who had the biggest heart and was all about people helping people. >> nicole, i wonder, we all over the country, probably around the world, look at this and see mud down a hill and it looks terrible, but for people like you, this is about individual people. individual lives. i wonder maybe what our audience should know about your family members who haven't come home. >> i would like them to know my dad was a vietnam vet. he was the most brilliant man i've ever known. my mother was beautiful, talented artist with the most amazing sense of humor. she was the funniest person i've ever met. my beautiful daughter had the sweetest heart and she was, she was my baby. i really am going to miss her and her fiance, allen, is like the picture postcard of the
12:20 pm
perfect man. he was respectful and funny and kind and generous and a hard worker and a really good housekeeper. and so that's what i want people to know about my family. >> nicole webb, you're the highlight of my day and an inspiration. it's no nice to meet you. god bless you and all the people there and just good luck to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for letting me tell my story and thanks to everyone who's helping us out. we love you for helping. thanks. >> thank you. man, you know, you do this job over the years and realize tomorrow may never come, you know? you got to hug the ones you love and do it now because there are people on this monitor that can't anymore. it's a moving thing, isn't it? a dutch driver working with the secret service reportedly says he can explain the agency's latest black eye.
12:21 pm
you take them to a place like amsterdam and they have a good time. now, that good time has earned three agents a one-way ticket home. another scandal. we'll get to that in just a minute.
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breaking news now on fox news channel. this in just 30 seconds and we have word, northwestern university football players can unionize. the federal agency has just ruled in a precedent setting decision. northwestern university is disappointed by today's ruling by the national labor relations board finding that football players who receive grant in aid scholarships are employees and directing the secret ballot election be held to determine
12:25 pm
whether the football players should be represented by the college athletes player's association for purposes of collective bargaining with northwestern university. it goes on. we've been following this case for months. i don't think there were many observers on this planet who thought this was going to happen. >> no, and this is a surprise. watches these things for fox. did not expect this today. there are three pieces of litigation going on. two are lawsuits by college athletes claiming they should be paid commensurate with the money they bring in for the university. my alma mater, notre dame, in the past ten years, a billion dollars from the football team alone. so, we're talking big dollars here. the third one is this. this is an application by northwestern students to be recognized as a union. a single hearing said yes. the appeal by northwestern will be the full labor relations board in d.c.
12:26 pm
the nlrb has two of president obama's verecess appointments o it. the supreme court of the united states is expected to rule any day whether or not those two recess appointments who are likely to rule in favor of the right to unionize can stick on that panel. after that, the appeal is to the united states court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit right below the supreme court. this is the beginning of the march. towards the obligation of colleges to pay their athletes a fair share of what the athletes earn for the colleges. >> so, in theory, if this goes through, alabama and auburn wouldn't just fight in the recruiting trenches, they'd fight to see who can pay the most. >> yes. now, the students have the right to say, we don't want to join the union. it's a secret ballot and would have to be buy a majority vote. this has never happened, so there's really no rules to regulate it, but typically, this happens in a manufacturing plant.
12:27 pm
last one of these we looked at was in tennessee two weeks ago. where it looked like the union was going to win and they lost by a few votes in the last minute. as you can imagine, the lobbying will be very, very heavy on both sides. >> really, what was the issue, as "usa today" put it a couple of weeks ago, which comes first? athletics or academics? it would appear at least at this level, the ruling has been in the case of these scholarship players, sports comes first. >> well, they're employees of the university who are in the being compensated properly. if this goes through the way these students want, this would radically change the relationship of students and universities and change the manner in which what used to be amateur sports are regulated in the united states. >> we're talking about 130 or so schools, d 1 bowl eligible
12:28 pm
championship series, but all of those schools have millions and tens of millions of dollars, they build hundreds of millions of dollars in facilities and it's all based upon what these athletes argue is free labor. >> i don't know what the tuition is as northwestern, say it's $40,000 a year. if you get room and board, maybe that's worth $225,000. you're talking about athletes who will now claim ten times that amount of money as a result of what they are putting to the bottom line of northwestern. now extrapolate this to alabama, auburn, notre dame and you're talking about expau nen shlly more money. huge dollars in hands of teenagers. >> again, this has come together in just the last couple of minutes. a ruling, one agent there of --
12:29 pm
>> yes, one regional director who sits in chicago. the appeal from him goes to the full five-member board in d.c. two members of which might not be able to vote. we thought it was going to come down today. >> trace gallagher with more on the complications of this. trace, it is a big machine. >> it is. we're talking about 130 d1 teams. there's also division ii teams. the president of northwestern just came out and said if this thing does go through and they are union members, he would strongly consider dropping division i football from northwestern. imagine that. dropping division i football because now, you're football players are now employees of the university. it's not the biggest. you've got as a judge mentioned,
12:30 pm
notre dame, which brings in a billion dollars a year, on and on and on and if this is successful, it begins that domino effect of other schools doing the same thing. how many teams remain division i if this is the go? how many would drop down to division ii and where does it go from there. it just gets bigger and bigger as this goes up the chain of the courts and the different venues. >> i make no secret of the fact i'm a huge fan of college football and i can't imagine the change that would happen on my favorite place on earth if this went through. i don't want to be selfish about it. >> i know how you feel about it. a college president who got rid of football would be cutting off his nose to spite his face. look at what we're going through this weekend where basketball is such an integral part of the college experience. if this union thing happens, if this nlrb arbitrator in chicago
12:31 pm
is upheld by the five-member board in d.c., then these union votes could start all over the country. there wouldn't be an individual ruling. the ruling would be there. just be the question of whether or not there's a consensus to join the union and that could happen very, very quickly. it would kill me as it would you, to see these sports go away because the schools don't want to pay the players. >> man alive. what a surprise. you never know what's going to go down. listen to what just happened. i have just gotten word from the booth in the back as the judge and i were talking, there massive fire that is burning in boston. firefighters are battling a nine alarm fire. on decon street. it began just a short time ago. it started in the basement of a four-story brown stone, thick smoke seen coming out of the building all over town. this is boston and it's breaking
12:32 pm
news live right after this. ♪
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continuing coverage, firefighters battling this nine alarm fire in boston. this is right in the heart of it all. if you're at fenway park and you look at and see that sit go sign, that's where that fire is. not directly under it, but that's the general area. right outside fenway park. a nine alarm fire. now, they hear in new york and in many major cities, there are five alarms total. that's the biggest one. in boston, you go to nine. no word on whether anybody has been injured, but it is a cold and windy day in boston. one local report, two firefighters have been hurt. firefighters are reported to have struck a ninth alarm just in the last 10 or 15 minutes. it began in the basement of a four-story brown stone building they're telling us.
12:35 pm
boston's bravest out on a cold afternoon. continuing coverage on fox news channel after this.
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12:37 pm
reports two firefighters have now gone to the hospital with burns with one more firefighter said to be trapped in the basement of this building. the reporter is telling us of seeing a firefighter being taken from the rear of the building on a stretcher. he said ems crews were yelling for an balance and pumping his chest. this is on beacon street in boston. 298 in the back bay. a four-story brownstone. the basement fire has extended up. the conditions are horrible. according to the boston globe's reporting and radio conversation, firefighters were heard asking for help getting more water on the building and quickly requested an increase this firefighters on the scene and now, have gone to nine alarms. wccb reporting now that two
12:38 pm
firefighters have gone to hospitals and one is apparently trapped in the basement of this building. lillian here getting tweets out of there, some official ones. >> this biggest new information, the winds in the area are gusting up to 45 miles per hour, which makes fighting it a really big challenge. other than that, jaus official boston ems saying it's a nine alerm fire and they transported two and are evaluating two more patients. >> mark's in charge today. i want to get some information on what a nine alarm fire means there. we'll get background on that and we're also working to find out what the condition is on this last firefighter said to be trapped. it looks like just a smoky mess, right? but we have a number of different angles on this. this is from wfxt, our station in boston, and these are live pictures coming out from my understanding. you can see the smoke just billowing. 45 mile an hour winds and it's a
12:39 pm
frigid day in the northeast. there was snow in this area and i know there was in some areas. it's a terrible day for being outside, much less shooting water on to a horrible fire. you stay with it, john, because we don't know the extent of the injuries, but when they're coming out of the building and they're pumping their chests and asking for more water and screaming for an ambulance, that's never a good sign. lots of news coming out of there. this thing is spreading quickly. boston's fire department, there's a twit pic, for our folks who want to pull that out. they sent this out themselves and it shows this fire ascending from the basement. it started in the basement level. then came to the ground floor level and in these pictures from boston fire, you can see the flames rising up into the second story and now, we know it has gone all the way to the third story and they've gone to nine
12:40 pm
alarm. mark, we got anything on nine alarm? okay, why don't you just tell me, pal? what's the word on nine alarm fires? >> official right now -- >> okay. well, a nine alarm fire, that's a big one. we know that for sure. and they got a lot of folks out there. they've cordened off this whole area. if you're looking at the citgo sign in fenway park, that's what you'll see. this neighborhood there in the back bay where this fire has happened. there's a lot of the information coming out of there, but not a whole lot from authorities. there have been statements out from the boston fire department, surely somebody has that twit pic up there now. get over there on lillian if you would. that's not the one. but this is one that's showing us the firefighters taking out one of their own, right? >> right, right. this is, they didn't really give us much information, just the links to these three pictures. there's this one here and then
12:41 pm
again what i just showed you and then two people on stretchers that hopefully are going to be okay. >> there's a picture. if you look up at boston fire on twitter, there's a picture of these flames rising up and there it is. firefighters working to get inside this building. it started down in the basement and this is the second floor now. so, the flames just rose up out of that very quickly. this is a neighborhood of older brownstone. some of them turn of the century. older area, historic. if you know the fenway park area, you know what i'm talking about, and with the winds kicking and the cold, cold day and they say they needed some more water on there, it looks like they're getting a good spray to us. it looks like a lot of this has been knocked down. you can see all the firefighters equipment down on the ground. i think the biggest concern now is for these firefighters. if they had a man trapped in the basement there, and i've been looking for more official information to come out of there and frankly, i think they're
12:42 pm
busy trying to save lives at this moment. gotten a lot of stuff in from boston ems and still working to find out what a nine alarm fire means and mark has it over here on the lead desk. >> generally, there's no standard alarm numbers. different cities do it differently, so it's impossible to tell unless you have the boston guide. it always corresponds to the number of firefighters they've called. nine alarm is about as big as it gets. there are some that go as high as 12. we don't know how high boston b goes, but nine is about as high as they go. meaning they have called in about as many crews as they can. >> they have a terrible situation on their hands. again, back bay in boston and here, andrew is sending me more information. the building in question is at the heart of boston's back bay.
12:43 pm
right there at fenway, most of the buildings were constructed in the late 1800s and back up to starro drive, which overlooks the charles river and cambridge there. the neighborhood is built in a grid, much like uptown manhattan. when you're in the numbers, so you're on 48th street and sixth avenue, it's built on a grid system and streets run in alphabetical order. it's about ten blocks from fenway park. the area was once marsh along the area of the charles river. they brought in fill from the suburbs and overtime, those brownstones built, real estate in the neighborhood is incredibly expensive. really arguably boston's most sought after area. built in the late 1800s. some of these buildings, 120, 130 years old. the fight is on there o knock down those flames. we'll have much more on this from boston and this really
12:44 pm
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continuing coverage of this fire in boston in the back bay. few blocks from fenway park. we've now learned nine alarms is as high an alarm count as you can get in boston. and it means essentially that every available personnel, we just got off the phone with boston fire, in boston itself and surrounding areas asked to come to this fire and where we now have word from boston globe, is that right or wrong? no response. our stations are are both reporting five firefighters have been injured in this blaze. we know from the reporting of wcvb, the cbs channel in boston, their reporters saw two being
12:48 pm
take b to the hospital. in addition, heard the screaming for another ambulance and saw them pumping one firefighter's chest. we've just gotten official word from boston fire as well that this blaze, which began in the basement of this brownstone, believed to have been built in the 1800s, 1871, this building was built. 1871, four stories, nine units. though i don't know if they're residential or commercial units. many times in this neighborhood, there's mixed use, so there could be something on the ground floor and something else in the building. it's also possible that it's all residential. i don't have a way to know just yet, so our team's working on it. nine units in there and i now know it's a multifamily home. so not commercial, but residential and this fire started in the basement and is now through the roof. meaning we saw the pictures from the second floor where the fire was making its way up. now, it's made its way up and through the roof and you see firefighters going up to get on the roof of a nearby building,
12:49 pm
is my understanding. one firefighter was trapped in the basement there earlier. and we've not been able to get clarity on whether they were able to get that firefighter out of that basement. it is an incredible scene as they came rushing. i was showing you the second floor pictures. we have them up on the wall now. fire just lapping out the window here as firefighters run up and this is more fire department personnel here. just as the fire is coming out the window, the firefighters going up to try to stop this assent. it's our belief that this happened very quickly. it was the ladder part of the 2:00 hour here on the east coast, so about an hour ago that it all began. these buildings are very old. a lot of wood on the inside it's my understanding. the fact it could go up so quicklyng to nobody. 40 to 45 mile an hour winds are being reporteded by the national weather service in the boston area and it's barely above freezing.
12:50 pm
right now, 34 degrees in boston and with the wind factored in, it feels like 20 degrees out there. as firefighters work to knock this thing down. it's distressing at this moment, though not all that unusual, that we we don't have reports of whether anybody was home at the time. we don't know if any residents were in there. we have no reports of any residents or bystanders being injured. we do have information from our station in boston and the boston globe that there are five injured firefighters. two have gone to hospitals. and one, at least at one point, trapped in the basement of that building. here is what happened with a nine-alarm fire. they spoke with local 718 who says the nine-alarm fires typically involved the following. 20 engines. 12 to 15 ladder trucks. every rescue truck. five to six fire chiefs. couple of deputy chiefs and the fire commissioner is on scene, of what is shaping up to be an enormous fire, with great
12:51 pm
concerns for firefighters coming out of the back bay in boston. i only have a few seconds. but i want to show you a few pictures coming in. >> this looks like it is skpl t exploding out of the second floor window. tweeting out these new pictures within the last five minutes. a lot of smoke, but they seem to be on the scene. here again is that picture exploding out of the window. we are getting pictures pu but we are not getting a rlot of information. we know that pressure sent that out in some way. i have to get to a quick commercial break. we'll be right back with this. the fire still burning in boston. a nine-alarmer. stay with us. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines"
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six minutes before the hour
12:55 pm
now. a live look at boston, massachusetts. that's the back bay area we've been watching. this is a local camera guy looking to set up a live shot. one firefighter is unaccounted for. the cameraman looking to get in position there on a very busy cold windy afternoon in boston, trying to get that going for us. five firefighters said to be injured. one unaccounted for. an earlier report that there was a firefighter trapped in the basement. they have now called all hands on deck in boston asking for any available fire department personnel for boston and surrounding areas to come to this site where this four-story brownstone is burning. it is an all residential unit. i said it was originally built in 1871. on the official property records, it says, built in 1899. let's listen in. let's listen to boston.
12:56 pm
>> on beacon street, 200 block, we had a fire break out in the basement of a four-soar i have wrik brownstone. the fire advanced up the floors. the chiefs on scene went up to nine alarms, which is as high as we go. the fire right now is still not out. still raging from the inside. we have no interior operations. everyone is outside right now. we've had so far three to the hospital. one in serious condition. two with nonlife threatening. right now we're going to an accountability to basically do a roll call of all of the engines and ladder trucks. to see if everyone is accounted for. it is a very unstable condition right now with the flames through the roof. it is hard fighting it from the outside. but right now, it's a combination of trying to keep it from extending either left or right. to do the accountability to see
12:57 pm
if everyone is accounted for. as i said, we have one serious to the hospital and two with less serious. >> are those three firefighters or two -- >> injuries are all with firefighters. >> do you have a crew that was trapped? >> we're doing an accountability right now to see if everyone is accounted for. >> steve, i know that you only know from the three that were transported, but based on the initial reports, did you have more than three that were unaccounted for prior to the trance -- >> right now, we are doing an accountability. we have nine alarms. we have probably 20 to 30 fire trucks here. each one has four people on it. so we are doing the -- this is both apart from the front and rear. the rear is where the real heavy fire is. and you know, it is all from the outside. so we are fighting it from the front and year. there are firefighters all over the place. they are working on fires right
12:58 pm
now so we are doing the accountability to make sure everyone is accounted for. [ inaudible ] >> we don't have sni reports of residents missing p. we do know people were inside at the time. we know they safely got outside. they went out the fire escape and the rear. but no one has come us to with report of anyone missing. >> any idea how this started at this time? >> investigators haven't even started. that might happen today. most likely, it won't. because the vast amount of water we're putting in the basement area, which is where it may have started, is probably going to be completely submerged m water. investigators probably won't go until tomorrow at the earliest. >> news news. >> it is one building. right few from the basement all the way up through the roof. and we are fighting it from the front and rear. >> is the mayday still active? >> we are doing it again. we are doing an accountability to see if we have everyone. there is over 150 firefighters
12:59 pm
fighting there. but we have to do an accountability to see if everyone is acounted for. >> typically these buildings have brick fire walls which keeps the builting from preding from townhouse to townhouse. it is engulfed through the basement right up through the roof. a active scene. it will be hours before firefighters can extinguish it. most guilty, an accountability -- >> i can tell you, live on scene and thank to fox 25 in bop boston. we think we have some people missing. they have two reports. now they are trying to separate out people to find out who is where. their buddies seem to think they can't find them. have slipped off and are
1:00 pm
fighting the fire with another group. and they can find thm and everyone is fine. a horrible sit yuation in bosto. as news breaks out, we will break it in all day long. >> welcome, everybody. hell hath no fury. a lot of them didn't hear, religious everywhere stewing over the words and now they can't forget. these words from justice sotomayor and kagan that it answers to an even higher authority. that company, hobby lobby, saying it cannot comply to the health care law to which is t is morally. sotomayor says they could not give health


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